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Growing up the youngest of four children in suburban Cincinnati, Dr. Timothy A. Fouts says his aspirations to become a veterinarian started as early as age four. The family had a dog and cat that were the 5th and 6th siblings, and the young Dr. Fouts was their primary caretaker. From this bond grew the desire to care for the family pets of others. A 1983 alum of Turpin High School in Anderson Township, Ohio, Dr. Fouts is a 1989 graduate of the Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine. After graduating veterinary school, Dr. Fouts completed a one-year internship in small animal medicine and surgery at the West Los Angeles Veterinary Medical Group. From there he went to Santa Anita Small Animal Hospital, a busy referral and general practice in Monrovia, California. It was there he gained extensive experience in soft tissue and orthopedic surgery, working for six years under the late Dr. Raymond Weitkamp, a veterinary surgeon well-known in the area. It was also there that the idea and philosophy for Hillside Small Animal Hospital were born.

Dr. F and Lynn

Dr. Fouts and his wife Lynn, a California native, relocated to Clermont County, Ohio in 1996, with the goal of building a successful veterinary practice from the ground up. Hillside Small Animal Hospital opened November 11, 1996, offering care to dogs and cats. For the first year of business, Dr. Fouts and Lynn alone staffed the practice, with some help from Dr. Fouts’ mother as a part-time assistant.

From those humble beginnings, Hillside Small Animal Hospital has grown into a successful small animal veterinary hospital, providing complete, professional care to canine and feline patients, with an emphasis on client communication and patient compassion. Hillside’s staff now includes an additional part-time associate veterinarian, four licensed veterinary technicians, a team of veterinary assistants, and top-notch team of Customer Service Representatives. With a good mix of clientele, the practice continues on a steady course of growth and expansion. The mission statement of “Friendly, full-service veterinary care for your dog or cat” means that we strive to stay progressive and provide comprehensive medical and surgical services, while remaining affordable and treating every client like family.

Hillside Small Animal Hospital offers a full range of veterinary services here in Clermont County, including routine exam, vaccination and wellness care by appointment. We offer in-house diagnostics, such as fecal flotation, heart-worm testing, Feline Leukemia virus testing, as well as other blood chemistries and cell counts. We also utilize a reference laboratory, providing us with a wide range of diagnostic capabilities.

Our spay and neuter services are performed in our full surgery suite with patient safety being the top priority. Utilizing modern standards of excellence in surgery preparation, anesthesia and monitoring, we recognize that these procedures are major surgeries and provide our patients with the care warranted as such.

We provide routine dental cleanings performed by a licensed veterinary technician using our compact scaling and polishing equipment, as well as advanced dental care. The veterinary staff can provide digital dental radiology and oral surgery if needed.

If an animal requires hospitalization, our qualified staff can administer IV fluids using our automatic IV pumps, and provide top-notch care throughout hospital hours. We can also board your pet for you, if you need to be away from home for a few days.

X-ray imaging can provide rapid diagnosis in many cases, and our state-of-the-art digital radiography gives us images in seconds.

Our flexible, fiber optic endoscope allows us to view the gastrointestinal tract for the purpose of diagnosing causes of chronic vomiting and diarrhea, or retrieving foreign bodies an animal might swallow. This can all be done non-invasively (without surgery).

If surgery is required, our large surgical area is adapted to handle almost any veterinary-related surgery. From soft-tissue surgery such as abdominal exploratory, tumor removal and ophthalmic surgery to orthopedic surgery such as fracture repair and knee surgery, we perform several hundred surgeries a year, all with your pet’s comfort and safety in mind.

In 2011 construction was completed on the NEW Hillside Small Animal Hospital, Clermont County’s premier full-service veterinary hospital. Built on a more visible and accessible site, the state-of-the-art facility boasts: a modern dental suite, complete with digital dental radiography and the latest in high-speed equipment; improved surgical monitoring, including Doppler blood-pressure monitoring; centralized vacuum, anesthesia gas evacuation and oxygen concentrator; expanded computer network with fully integrated digital radiography; a professionally designed and decorated hospital that is at the same time comfortable, functional and visually appealing.

Dr. Fouts and Lynn make their home in Loveland with two dogs, and a cat.  Their two sons are both in college studying engineering.

If you’d like to meet our staff, or tour our beautiful hospital, stop by anytime!


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  • "It’s like a visit to see family! The smiling faces when we walk in—they greet the pups by their names. The coffee and water while we wait. It’s amazing how they take every note from previous visits and make us feel like we are part of their family. And just all these little things that mean so much to me as their Mama. I’m so blessed to have a wonderful Vet Family for my pups."
    Barbara H.